Saturday, September 26, 2020

COVID-19: Inside the Global Epicenter


COVID-19: Inside the Global Epicenter: Personal Accounts from NYC Frontline Healthcare Providers Paperback – August 9, 2020

What are coronaviruses? Who is at risk for COVID-19? What treatments work? Should we lock-down or reopen? Questions abound in light of this deadly virus, which has already infected 19 million people worldwide and claimed the lives of over 700,000 as of early August. Even those who survive may cope with significant long-lasting morbidities such as encephalopathy and critical illness myopathy. As fear spreads, our global economy collapses with massive unemployment rates and irreversible business closures. How can we fight this virus? Dr. Raulkar shares insider accounts of the deadly pandemic from one of the hardest-hit medical systems in the world. Packed with the most current medical information, a historical account of the discovery and political reaction to COVID-19, and inspiring accounts and photos of frontline healthcare workers, this book provides the knowledge you need to stay well-informed about COVID-19, and hope and optimism to get you through these challenging times.


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