Saturday, September 26, 2020

GER Detect Fresh Result


GER Detect Fresh Result-1 Underground Water Locator, Long Range Deep Water Detector, Ground Water Finder Machine, High End Underground Water Detector Machine

Brand: GER

  • GERMAN TECHNOLOGY: This German Long Range Water Detector is the best water locator that offers power and ease of use, its small size and accuracy will bring the best results; The device has been managed by the world’s best water detectors, including the U.S. government
  • LONG RANGE WATER DETECTION: Experience the power of a device with a geophysical system designed for detecting water and underground wells. Works on all terrains and differentiates between fresh and natural water
  • WATER FINDER: Long range system detects water under the ground by utilizing high-performance and highly accurate technology; Covers 2000 front range and discovers water within a depth of up to 1200 meters
  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: You're protected by a manufacturer's warranty on all products. Detector Power is also proud to offer a hassle-free 15-day return policy.
  • NOTICE: Bank authorization may be necessary prior to purchase to prevent order cancellation. Please confirm with your bank prior to purchase to avoid order delays.


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