Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Voter Registration: In Focus


Voter Registration: In Focus UK ed. Edition

One of the hallmarks of American democracy is the right to vote. In fact, the freedom to vote is so ingrained in American culture that it is taken for granted. Each election shows increasingly decreasing voter turnout and a decline in eligible voters registering. This can be partially attributed to a general antipathy toward the political process and partisan debates. However, there is no legitimate excuse for not availing oneself of the precious freedom to cast a ballot and have a say in the direction of the nation. With the increasing attention given to autocratic regimes across the globe and the restrictions placed on individual freedoms, it is amazing that the right to vote is not more appreciated. This is not to say that the American system is perfect. The 2000 presidential election drew unwanted attention on the inefficiencies and problems inherent in the system, leading to nation-wide cries to rectify the election process. The book analyses the issues around voter registration by looking at voter turnout over the elections of the second half of the 20th century. of the voting system and specific elections and make for an important collection in understanding the problems and importance of the vote in American democracy.


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